Serving My Country Since 1965

It was just an ordinary Fall day in Winnipeg, Manitoba, until Mrs. Shaw gave birth to her second son.  It was at that moment that the world as we knew it would change forever.

At the age of 11 he entered the workforce as a newspaper delivery boy for the Winnipeg Free Press and never looked back. He wandered the country, always one step ahead of the law, learning his craft and applying his growing knowledge of marketing principles. Finally, freedom called to him and said he needed to head to the land of opportunity. Leaving his Motherland with only a dream, $1.42, and a Ken Dryden hockey card, he crossed Lake Erie on his makeshift raft, touching ground in Northeast Ohio. He would have kissed the ground, but being so close to Cleveland he thought otherwise.

He has been described in many ways by himself; a visionary, a thought leader, a Twizzler enthusiast, but always, a Marketing hack fighting against the evils that industry rocks stars, gurus, ninjas, and mavens wrought upon our existence.

By day, he dabbles in Digital Marketing Execution that would blow your mind.  By night he enjoys pumpkin pie.

He hasn’t written a book but has thought about reading one someday.  His speaking engagements have been limited to mime conventions and customer service counters at big box retailers.

These are his words and if you take any of the musings on this blog serious, please see your Doctor immediately.


Thanks for stopping by!

Your Pal,


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