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My First Blog Post (sorta)

Ok, so I have been trying to start a blog for some time now.  Having worked in Online Marketing and New Media for over 13 years now it seemed like something I needed to do.  The problem was that I didn’t have a lot of time to maintain a blog especially one that would never be read.  Despite that I often found the occasion when I wanted to scream at the sky over something I read, something I heard, or something I saw.

So what finally got me started?  Twitter of course.  After using the micro-blogging platform (does anyone really use ‘micro-blogging’ anymore?) for a few years now, it occurred to me that its mostly useless.  Well, let me take that back.  I have found it sueful as a replacement for my RSS reader.  I have found more than enough people that provide me with 10x as much content than I could possibly digest and once in while I learn something that someone has passed along.  As for the other 90% of tweets then tend to come in a few flavors:

  1. ReTweets of somebody’s ReTweeted Tweet
  2. Someone thanking someone for Retweeting their Retweeted Tweet
  3. People telling me that they’ve just become Mayor of Kroger
  4. People telling me that they are at the Game, Concert, Play, Restaurant and just said hi to an athlete, entertainer, reality show star.

Despite this, I have an annoying Twitter habit that is fed by my iPhone.  I really have become what I loathe….one of “those guys” with his nose buried in his phone.

As the realization of my downward spiral into Twitter dependency evolved, I decided I needed to way to  assess the quality of the information I was being fed from my Twitter stream.  It just happened that this realization came to me at the same time as another diversion arrived: March Madness.  So it occurred to me; What if the people I followed were to take part in my own Twitter Madness tournament.  I would invite the 64 best tweetersw I followed, rank them, and allow them to compete with each other to determine just what ones were the best, and that’s what I’ve done.

So there you have it, and here it is, my first post.  And here it is details on my 1st Annual Twitter Madness tournament.

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