I Want To Be Totally Transparent With You

Ok, so I get hurt…..a lot.  A few years ago the nurse at the local urgent care came in after taking an x-ray of my most recent boo-boo and asked me “Are you one of those X-Games people?”  I could only respond, “No Ma’am, I guess I’m  just one of those X-ray Games people”.

The benefit of getting hurt a lot is getting to take home a brand new x-ray to add to my collection.  Yes, I collect x-rays.  Aside from a nifty souvenir, its fascinating to look at what actually exists underneath all that skin.  So in the spirit of being totally transparent with you people, here is what I look like with no skin on.

Dean's X-Rays

I'm Just a Bag of Bones

Of course all these x-rays come with stories, some more interesting than others, but none interesting enough to share, well except maybe the one where I sliced my finger off, or the pacemaker thing, or the…..

How about you?  Got any good X-Rays?  Scars? And what are stories behind them?  C’mon, it’s your turn to be transparent with me.

UPDATE: A new one for the collection:

Degenerative Disc - Yea!

Degenerative Disc - Yea!

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