@deanshaw Twitter Madness Tourney: Round 2 Recap

Round 2

@ChrisBrogan v. @Webtrends: this was a tough call.  @Webtrends really only offered me a comparison between Omniture. Coremetrics, Webtrends and Google Analytics and a demo of Facebook’s Conversion Funnel but sometimes ‘less is more’ and by ‘more’ I mean the 94 tweets spewed from @ChrisBrogan (when exactly does this guy work?) If you eliminate tweets about himself he actually tweeted 4 times.
Winner: @Webtrends

@MeetingBoy v. @ShannonPaul: @MeetingBoy can be funny, like a poor man’s Dilbert, but he just had a bad two days.  @ShannonPaul came through with a link to a post on tracking tweets with Google Analytics and another on touching on Facebook being an overrated business tool.
Winner: @ShannonPaul

@DRUNKHULK v. @sysomos: Just like @meeting boy, @DRUNKHULK can be funny, but he also had a bad round giving me nothing amusing.  @sysomos committed the sin of reposting tweets multiple times but offered just enough content to get over on the HULK
Winner: @sysomos

@spikejones v. @hubspot: Hubspot is always good for an informative link and interesting webcasts but there’s a gazillion (really, I counted them) that give me the same thing.  What Twitter needs is more sarcasm (and cowbell).  Based on that, I am going to give the edge to @spikejones.  Although, he better step it up in the next round
Winner: @spikejones

@adage v. @moconews: this was a tough matchup.  Both showed up with some great links and original content.  But someone’s got to win
Winner: @adage

@KISSmetrics v. @andybeal: I love @andybeal like a brother and you really should follow him and his site www.marketingpilgrim.com BUT he caught a tough draw in @KISSmetrics who beat him simply on volume of great content.
Winner: @KISSmetrics

@jowang v. @JustinKownacki: No one likes @jowyang like @jowyang likes @jowyang so if you like @jowyang like @jowyang likes @jowyang you’ll like @jowyang.  @JustinKownacki? He does his own web show @TheBarsitasTV. ‘Nuf said.
Winner: @JustinKownacki

@digitalalex v. @mktgdouchebag: I like Clickthrough Rates as much as the next guy, but once in awhile I need a little snark.
Winner: @mktgdouchebag

@TheOnion v. @erictpeterson: It’s The Onion for crissakes
Winner: @TheOnion

@dmscott v. @adrants: @adrants just killed it with so much great info I thought my brain was gonna vomit from overindulgence.
Winner: @adrants

@gilliatt v. @YourCustomers: Ya can’t win if you don’t show up.  @YourCustomers win with a gimme
Winner: @YourCustomers

@Bronto v. @Exxx: @Exxx wasn’t great – mostly sucking up to people but she benefitted by a weak showing from @Bronto
Winner: @Exxx

@SethMacFarlane v. @CMO_com: @CMO_com had the match won until they decided to repost their tweets.  That douchbaggery cost them dearly.
Winner: @SethMacFarlane

@forrester v. @DavidBThomas: Beating the likes of @forrester is hard enough, but tweeting only once during the match pretty much seals your fate.  Follow @DavidBThomas anyway.  A really good guy.
Winner: @forrester

@avinash v. @1918: @avinash is…well…@avinash. @1918 is..well…@1918.  Tough draw for the local guy.
Winner: @avinash

@SocialMedia411 v. @Hitwise_US: @SocialMedia is absolutely dominant right now and maybe the best tweeter left in the tourney.  Fear the @SocialMedia411!
Winner: @SocialMedia411

Congratulations to the winners and welcome to the Sweet Sixteen!  As for the losers? Its back to campus for you ham ‘n eggers.

To check out the brackets go to challonge/TwitterMadness
For more info on the tourney check out my Diversions page

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